1.  I have purchased the product. What are the next steps?
Thank you for placing your order. You will soon receive an email with a link to track your package. If such an email does not arrive – please check SPAM.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Customer Service.

2. Do I need to create an account to place an order?
No. Creating an account is not necessary to place an order. However, it does allow you to track your order more easily or check your order history in the future.

3. Do you run a shop or showroom where rugs can be seen in person?
No. We run an online sale. Buying from Tapiso.co.uk is risk-free, as you can return any product without any problems within 30 days of delivery.

4. How can I contact customer service?
The preferred way is to contact us via the contact form or on the chat available on the shop website. Messages are answered between 8 am and 4 pm from Monday to Friday.
You are also welcome to contact us by e-mail: shop@tapiso.pl


1. I forgot to enter the discount code. Can I use it after placing my order?
Yes. To do so, please contact Customer Service. If all the conditions for using the discount code are completed, it will be taken into account.

2. My discount code is not working. Why?
If this is the case, please check that you have entered your code correctly. It may also be the case that the code does not combine with other valid promotions.

3. Can I cancel my order?
Yes, provided we have not yet started packing and preparing your order for dispatch. We strive to ensure fast delivery, so the process begins a short time after the order is placed. Due to this, we cannot guarantee that cancellation will be possible, although we will do what we can to help.
If you wish to cancel your order, please contact Customer Service.

4. How do I buy a rug?
Once you have selected the carpet of your choice, click on the ‘Add to cart’ button to place the product in your shopping cart.
You then proceed to the checkout. This can be done by clicking on the shopping cart located at the top of the page, in the right-hand corner.
The final step is to select your options regarding delivery and payment method. Please select the appropriate options and follow the instructions given.
If any problems arise during the ordering process, customer service will be happy to help.


1. When will the product be available again?
Please contact Customer Service for this information.

2. Is a rug suitable for the outdoors?
You can find all the carpets that are suitable for outdoor use here: https://tapiso.pl/category/rooms/outdoor-rugs/

3. Can I order a made-to-measure carpet?
Unfortunately we do not offer this service. However, we encourage you to check out our range as we have many different sizes available.

4. Can rugs be washed in the washing machine?
You can find all machine washable carpets here: https://tapiso.pl/category/type-of-rugs/washable-rugs-type-of-rugs/

5. Do the dimensions of the rug include the fringes?
No. The size given is the size of the carpet without fringes. Information on fringe length is available in the product description.

6. Can carpets be used if there is underfloor heating?
Yes. All the carpets we offer can be used on surfaces with underfloor heating. Of course, the condition is that the heating is set to the normal temperature range (up to 40 degrees).

7. How do I clean the rug?
To ensure that your carpet lasts for many years and continues to look like new, we recommend vacuuming it regularly. Small dirt can be removed wet with a carpet cleaner.
The care instructions depend on the specific material. However, we always recommend that you use a professional carpet cleaning company.

8. Are the photos of the rugs and their colours close to reality?
We take high-quality photos and try to ensure that they capture all the details. However, the colours in the photos are dependent on factors beyond our control, e.g. monitor/display settings.


1. How do I unpack my rug safely?
Please unpack your rug carefully. The packaging in which the rug is packed is thick, but it wraps the product very tightly. Therefore, be careful not to damage the rug with scissors or a knife.

2. How do you look after the rug?
What will help keep your carpet in good condition for years? On a daily basis, a normal hoover is sufficient to effectively remove dirt such as dust, hair, crumbs or sand. For cleaning carpets from dirt such as pet hair, a special suction nozzle or a simple rubber brush may also be useful.
For heavier soiling, we recommend that you use a professional carpet cleaning company.

3. Good practice: what happens after the rug has been taken out of its packaging?
Unpacked carpet should be unfolded and checked for damage (pile loss is not always a defect). Smaller rugs are ready to use straight away. Larger carpets may require more work: they need to be brushed or straightened.
The carpet may be wavy at first – the carpet needs a few days to straighten out.

4. The corners of the carpet are curling – what to do?
Curled corners can be weighted down, preferably with an object that is flat and relatively heavy. Double-sided tape can also work well to stick the corners of the rug to the floor. Another way is to roll the rug with the pile inwards and leave it like this for a few hours and unroll it again.

5. Why does a rug lose its pile?
It is very common for carpets to lose their pile over the first few weeks, especially in areas that are used frequently. Please don’t worry – loose, excessive fibres are a typical characteristic of the material used and the way it is manufactured.


1. Can I return my rug?
Yes. Returns are possible within 30 days of receipt of the product.

2. How do I return a product?
Please send us a message via the contact form or directly to: shop@tapiso.pl
For a quicker process please include your order number in the message. We will then offer you to collect your rug by courier or send you a return label where you will need to send your rug to us.

3. Can I exchange the product for another?
Yes. You can exchange the carpet within 30 days of the delivery of the package.

4. How much does a return cost?
All returns we organise are free of charge.

5. I do not have the original material in which the order was packaged. How should I package the returned product?
If the original packaging has been damaged or disposed of, please use similar protective packaging to protect your rug in transit.

6. How long does it take to return a product?
Returns should be quick and easy! Returned goods usually arrive at our warehouse within 2 to 3 working days. After verification, a refund is made, which is usually processed – depending on the payment method chosen – within 1 to 3 working days.


1. How do I receive a company invoice?
To receive a company invoice (also without VAT), please contact Customer Service.

2. What should I do if my payment for my order has failed?
If your payment for your online order has failed – due to an error or technical reasons – we encourage you to place your order again.

Sometimes payment for an order fails. If this happens, try placing your order again. The previously unpaid order will be automatically cancelled.
If you have any doubts, please contact Customer Service.


1. How do I track my parcel?
After your order has been dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number.
It allows you to track your package on the carrier’s website at any time.
You can also find the tracking details in your account on our website.

2. Is it possible to speed up parcel delivery?
Unfortunately we do not have this option. However, you can manage the delivery on the carrier’s website.

3. Is it possible to pick up a parcel at a point?
Our services provide home delivery. However, you can manage your parcel on the carrier’s website and request delivery to a suitable point.

4. What are the delivery costs?
Delivery to the United Kingdom is free of charge.

5. How do I change my delivery address?
Please contact Customer Service for this. It is also possible to redirect the parcel on the carrier’s website.

6. What courier service is used to send the rug?
We use the services of: DPD and DX Delivery.

7. How are rugs packed?
The warehouse staff pay special attention when it comes to packing the carpets. The rugs are rolled up and wrapped in a thick weatherproof film.

8. How long does delivery take?
Delivery takes 5-7 working days.

9. What should I do if my rug has been damaged in transit?
If your order has been damaged in transit, notify the driver immediately so that he can note this on the delivery note when you receive your shipment. Then contact Customer Service and report the problem, enclosing photos showing the damage and packaging. Please remember to unpack the carpet and check for any hidden or visible damage.



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